More Feedback on The 5 Pitfalls

Regarding The 5 Pitfalls of Estimating a Software Project, Jonathan writes in about an estimate his manager asked him for:

His first comment was that he had never seen an estimate given in hours. I explained to him that I didn’t like to give dates because of unexpected company meetings, sickness, etc. I don’t think this ever occurred to him. His second comment was that my estimate was too large and that he would have to “massage the numbers” so that the executives wouldn’t be upset. I was absolutely furious. What’s the point of even asking me if you’re not going to listen to my answer?

Sounds like I should have included a sixth item – not listening to your developers. But I think that probably falls under the heading of “allowing non-technical staffers to give estimates”. After all, once you override someone else’s estimate, the new numbers that you give the client are no longer the other guy’s numbers – they’re yours.

I’m getting a lot of great eMail feedback on the 5 Pitfalls, but not much in the discussion forum. Everyone feel free to drop a comment in there about any item in this blog – for that matter, feel free to start new topics to discuss.