How Wrong Can One Guy Be?

I just caught this article in the Seattle Weekly. The author is a former Microsoft employee who now embraces the Mac platform and now has predictions of doom and failure for his former employer.

So how can the supposed failures of Microsoft be sensationalized? Let me count the ways:

Why are Microsoft products so endlessly frustrating to use? Even techno-geeks like me get annoyed by Windows. I’m tired of spending the first 10 minutes of my day rebooting just so I can get to work. Microsoft Outlook 2003, the latest version of the company’s e-mail and calendar software, hangs for me about once a day, requiring me to restart my PC. I also have a problem with Word 2003: Whenever I bullet a line of text, every line in the document gets a bullet. Asking Windows to shut down is more of a request than a command-it might, it might not. And recently, Internet Explorer stopped opening for me.

I have seen this kind of system behavior before, and its name is virus. For Pete’s sake, I’ve been using Windows since 3.1 and I have NEVER seen a system fail that often or that severely in the absence of a virus or a hardware problem. Sure, you get the occasional blue screen (and when I say occasional, I’m talking every couple months at worst), but…Internet Explorer won’t open at all? And that’s Microsoft’s fault? Look at your PC, my man.

But in the first five minutes on my new Mac, I was surfing the Internet, sending e-mail, and ripping a CD. OS X has been a breath of badly needed fresh air after Windows.

This strikes me as the thinking of somebody who, having embraced a new computing paradigm, is now trying to over-justify his change by finding fault in his former paradigm. I mean, Microsoft is far from perfect, but if we’re going to bash them, let’s bash them for things they’re actually at fault for.

Jeff, here’s some news for you: it is OK to decide that you prefer the Mac platform to the Wintel platform. No, really – it’s OK. This is a free country and if you love your G5, more power to you. But what is NOT OK is writing up hyperbole and inaccuracies in order to justify the change.