P.T. Scoble, the Master Promoter?

Robert Scoble’s recent piece on getting your blog noticed has stirred up a person or two.  Some say it is brilliant, others call it manipulative.  I say it is both.  By teaching others to promote their blogs, he promotes his blog.  Is that not the essence of a value-for-value transaction?

At any rate, you can color me on the bandwagon.  In fact, Robert’s item on promoting your blog reminds me a bit of a book I recently read, Become a Recognized Authority in Your Field in 60 Days or Less.  If that title sounds unabashedly marketing-ish, that’s because it is.  This book is 100% about self-promotion, which is unpalatable to some folks.  But I’m digressing – the point is that the spirit of Robert’s post was very much in the spirit of this book.  I was in the middle of the book when I read Scoble’s post, and the two just seemed to complement each other well.

I’ll shut up now.