Blogs – They’re Not Just For Vanity Anymore

Last week something very interesting happened.  The CEO of a company I’d proposed some work to read my blog, decided that we were a good philosophical match, and gave me the project – before ever having spoken to me or exchanged an eMail with me.  I had engaged in some initial contact with one of the company’s programmers, who forwarded my name on to her CEO.  When I finally got on the phone with the CEO, she spoke as though she knew me already, talking of the fit between our respective outlooks on business and technology.  It was strange, but very welcome, and she was right – we do indeed have a great philosophical fit!

The Scobles of the world who claim that blogs are a relationship accelerator must be correct – if by reading someone’s blog you can get a bead on where that person is coming from and even begin to feel as if you know that person (even if only in the context of their blogged subject matter), then why not?  The internet has changed everything else about how we communicate, it only makes sense that it would help change the introduction/getting-to-know-you dynamic as well.

Anyway, I’m both surprised and pleased.  I have a great new client staffed with people who are pleasant to work with, and the project itself is fun.

My blog closed the deal for me!  I never thought I’d see the day.