One Step Toward Joining The Ranks Of ISV-dom

I signed up for the Empower program offered by Microsoft a couple weeks ago.  Empower is a one-year program (renewable for a second year) meant to help small ISVs get ramped up on developing applications that use Microsoft technologies.  For $375, an ISV gets 5 internal licenses for Windows and Office XP, Windows Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server, SharePoint, MSDN Universal, Visual Stuido.NET 2003, etc.  It’s a great deal and seems like a good, inexpensive way for an ISV to get started as a Microsoft partner.

So now I’m committed!  The big rule of the Empower program is that you must a) announce and b) actually release a new packaged software application within 24 months.  I am whittling down my last two product concepts and will decide which one to develop soon.  I might even blog the development process, we’ll see.

For the record, I am excited.  Wish me luck!