Project Aardvark Revealed

Project Aardvark is a relatively novel publicity stunt organized by Joel Spolsky, the current grand master of small ISV publicity techniques.  The idea is to have a team of interns churn out a whole product over the summer, all while being filmed for a documentary.

From Yaron’s latest Project Aardvark blog post:

On the name front we had a meeting today and decided on the final name.  It’s all registered and a preliminary site is even uploaded.   Good luck finding it 😛

Much ado has been made about dropping hints as to what Project Aardvark does and how secret it is, but come on.  It’s a registered domain on a public webserver.  It’s not going to stay secret very long if you taunt people like that.  Eventually, some inquisitive soul is going to go looking.

In this case, the inquisitive soul is me.

I present the “secret” product of Project Aardvark:
From the site:

SidePilot allows people to help their friends, relatives, and customers fix their computer problems by temporarily controlling their computers via the Internet. It costs $9.95 for a day pass, or you can try it for free for five minutes

In short, it appears to be a competitor to

There you have it, folks – the big secret revealed.  And being the savvy marketer he is, I’m sure Joel is pleased as punch that someone took the bait and went looking for it, because now all the buzz-y conversations will start.

You’re welcome, Joel.  :p