Coming Up For Air

I know it’s been too long since my last article when people start eMailing me to ask why I haven’t posted a new one yet.

Things are busy, busy, busy here at Cogeian Systems.  I’ve currently got a team of three working crazily on various projects, and am about to add a fourth.  My current project-load reads like a countdown:

  • 5 web apps
  • 4 desktop apps
  • 3 articles
  • 2 products (stealth mode!)

And it’s all leading up to…

  • 1 nervous breakdown!

Just kidding.  😉

As busy as I am, I’m actually enjoying things quite a bit.  This is the biggest year yet for my little company, and the coming year looks to be even bigger!  This has been a very exciting year.  It all leaves little time for blogging, but I need to make time.  2 of the 3 articles I mentioned above were started for this blog, but abandoned in favor of addressing the backlog of billable projects.  I busted hump to build my business to this point, and I’d hate to lose traction now.

That said,  I have to acknowledge that blogging is – in part – what helped me build my business.  My blog directly helped me to close 2 of the projects I have right now, and influenced the closing of 2 others.  So, I’ll be devoting time to finishing up those 2 articles in the near future.

Thanks for being patient!