Keeping Track of Contacts and Sales

Companies who practice direct mail marketing have long been smart enough to maintain separate metrics for each avenue through which their customers find them.  You know – X number of sales came from our ad in Popular Mechanics, Y came from our ad in Discover, Z came from our infomercial, etc.

Now companies who take advantage of online marketing are able to take advantage of things like referrer logs and PubSub to tell us where our marketing contacts are coming from, but how do ISVs keep track of things at the more granular level, in the “X number of sales came from people visiting the blog, Y came through the handout at my last speech, Z came via, N came from the eMail newsletter” manner?  Everyone knows it is important to know which methods of advertising and marketing are effective – but how are you all doing it?  Is anyone using a tool that aggregates all this data in one place?

I’m aware of contact management programs such as Goldmine and ACT, but it seems to me that there must be a more specific tool out there someplace.