Friday Dream Projects from the Blogosphere

The Friday Dream Projects thing caught on fairly well.  I got wind of a couple of other blogs that posted their own Dream Projects.

First, we have one from James at Blue Jazz Consulting, who then followed up again this Friday with a new set of dream projects.  Good show, James.  I really like the idea for a CRM version of Remember The Milk.

Then Jeff Donnici got into the act, posting a couple of his own Dream Projects last Wednesday.  Jeff wants to do programming for a new kind of poker machine for casinos.  Sounds cool.

As for my own dream project this week, I’ve recently been daydreaming about how cool it would be to build a self-service patient scheduling app for health care providers.

If you can book your own flights online (within the parameters of what the airline makes available), there’s no reason why you can’t also book your own doctor’s appointment (within the parameters of what your doctor makes available), right?  As with most of my dream projects, this seems to me like the kind of thing that probably already exists, but it would still be fun to build one!

What are your Dream Projects?  Post ’em on your blog or eMail them in and I’ll post them here.