Friday Dream Projects – The Kick-Off

I find that my company does a lot of similar projects.  Even though we’re primarily a bespoke development shop, I can’t help but notice that there is a ton of overlap between a lot of our projects.  Sometimes it feels like we’re doing more copy-paste-modify than actually designing unique things that work in unique ways.  My company is staying busy, but there are certain types of projects that get my personal creative juices flowing more so than others.

So, every Friday, I’m going to post a few of my “dream projects.” Now, I don’t expect that someone is going to read my blog and say “Oh my goodness!  Christopher is dying to do a Martian Balloon-Farming management system, and that’s just what I need!  I’ve got to call Cogeian Systems right away!” That’s not why I’m posting this.  Of course, if that were to happen, I’m not going to say no (attention, all Martian balloon farmers:  bring your checkbook!)  I think it’s important to externalize the things that you really want to do.  When you say them out loud, or post them someplace, they seem more real.

Plus, I’m hoping to start a meme.  I may not be reading blogs right now, but it sure would be nice if a whole bunch of other bloggers posted their dream projects too.  Anyway, here we go:

Today’s Dream Projects

  • Bonus compensation management system – I used to work for a company that did HR software, and worked on apps that handled bonus/incentive compensation, salary management, performance management, and succession planning.  It was great stuff.  But what I loved most of all was working on the bonus comp system.  Thankfully, that’s the product I spent most of my time on.  I’ve done a couple of lightweight bonus comp projects over the past 5 years, but I’d really like to do another one, a bigger one.  Lots of fun for everyone.  I like the idea of helping people to get paid.  There are a number of such systems on the market, but it would be cool to do one custom for a firm that needs something tailored to their specific compensation processes.
  • Martial arts technique catalog – I’m imagining an interactive training tool for martial arts schools that would walk a person through a variety of moves and counters, allowing for the presentation of unlimited combinations.  There is no substitute for live instruction and sparring, but it sure would be cool to have a tool like this to supplement the live training.  I’d be very surprised if something like this is not on the market already, but I’d love to do a customized version for a school that has a unique take on training.
  • Film production management system – Making a movie can be a BIG project.  I have a friend who works in television production and has done a few documentary films and man, you should hear some of his stories.  It’s a crazy business.  I’d love to build something that would help manage the chaos, using standard project management ideas and adapting them to the complications of film-making.  I know there are off-the-shelf systems that do this, but it would still be a lot of fun to custom-build one that has a unique take on the process of managing a production.

That’s it for today.  My dream projects probably seem silly to some of you, but your might seem silly to me, too.  Plus, they change every week (if not every day).  I usually think of this stuff when I’m in the shower.

What’s your dream project?