My New Show, $100K Freelancing, Now Available

A bunch of you have asked me the same question over the past year: “when are you going to do another podcast?”

The honest answer most of the time was “I’m not sure”. But today, that changes. Because today, I just launched a new show.

$100K Freelancing is a show for freelancers, by freelancers. It will cover solutions to the real challenges that you and I face day-in and day-out as freelancers and consultants building client service businesses. It’s that simple.

There are three episodes of $100K Freelancing available today:

Bryce Bladon profile on $100K Freelancing podcast

Qualifying (and Disqualifying!) Client Projects w/Bryce Bladon

Qualifying (and Disqualifying!) Client Projects w/Bryce Bladon
Bryce and Chris talk about how to qualify and disqualify client projects in order to avoid taking on clients from hell

Kate WInsor profile on $100K Freelancing

Networking For Projects, And Growing Pains w/Kate Winsor

Networking For Projects, and Growing Pains w/Kate Winsor
Kate & Chris talk about using one’s network to get work, and the growing pains inherent in growing a freelance operation

Paul jarvis profile on $100K Freelancing

Make Freelancing Serve Your Own Dreams w/Paul Jarvis

Make Freelancing Serve Your Own Dreams w/Paul Jarvis
Chris & Paul discuss freelance marketing to a niche, sustaining your business via recurring work, and designing a business that serves your own dreams and goals, not those of society-at-large

To stay up to date on the show, and to receive insider info on when shows are due to come out, who the guests will be, plus discounts on products and exclusive access to Q&A sessions, join the $100K Freelancing insider-interest list.

My co-hosts and I are proud of the show, and hope you find it a useful tool as you work toward becoming a $100K Freelancer – or beyond!

2016 Year In Review

At the start of 2016, I had a very specific view of where I wanted to go professionally, and a huge sense of possibility. Standing here at the end of 2016, I have a very different view of where I want to go, and what I regard as possible. The months between were a time of difficult choices, strong transitions, and value adjustments, all while maintaining a busy consulting schedule.

2016 was also a big year in terms of producing and shipping projects. Here’s a list of what I shipped in 2016: Keep Reading…

9 Ways To Prepare Your Freelance Business For The New Year

As the year draws to a close, it’s only natural to reflect a bit on what has transpired, and what is yet to come; this is true both in our personal lives and in our businesses. Problem is, far too few freelancers start a new calendar year prepared to do anything different or better than the year before. Let’s see if we can reverse that trend.

Every year over here at Cogeian Systems, I try to take some time to look ahead and make sure to be prepared for what’s coming. Sometimes all it takes is a quiet moment at my laptop with a cup of coffee, and other times it takes a bit more research, but finishing the year strong and having a plan for the new year is always worth the effort.

I’ve distilled my own yearly process into a series of 9 simple steps and questions, broken down into 3 broad categories: Keep Reading…

Full-Focus Consulting: How I Re-Energized Myself & My Business

Once upon a time, I spent many years building up a nice consulting business that was consistently putting 6 figures in my pocket every year. I was very proud of myself.

  • I wasn’t working too many hours.
  • The company wasn’t too big to manage.
  • I didn’t have to book an unreasonable amount of work to make my nut.
  • I liked my clients.
  • I had a great team.

Sure, the workload was a little bit treadmill-y and sure, there was some degree of ebb and flow with receivables, but both of those are pretty typical in consulting, and neither was significant enough to be a real problem. Overall, life was pretty good.

I’ve made it” I thought. “This is exactly the career I’ve always wanted to have“.

Then I began to notice that many of my peers were moving away from consulting and launching products instead. Keep Reading…

Interview: Dealing With Client Conflict (via The Freelance Podcast)

Note: This interview is from early April.

RJ from The Freelance Podcast was invited me on the show again, this time to talk a problem many of us freelancers share – conflict with clients! We talk about how freelancers get themselves into conflict with clients, how some clients are trouble on their own, and some strategies for coping with each. We also cover some of the material from my Conquering Client Conflict course for freelancers.

As always, RJ is a great host doing a great podcast, and I’m flattered to have had a chance to be involved. Head on over and check out the interview!