A Time For Change

Can you say “redesign?” I knew you could.

I’ve been having a great time playing around with CSS!  The web is filled to the brim with great tutorials, templates and code snippets, so there was really no excuse for not having a deeper understanding of CSS-based design than I had previously.  I spent about 15 minutes Googling for tutorials and templates, found a simple template at the SSI-Developer site to get me started, and a little while later I had my redesign.  It was almost too easy.

To date, the bulk of my web work has been for corporate intranet applications, where a fast network and standardization around IE could be taken for granted.  Now that Firefox is catching on and I am getting more and more requests for public web work, it’s time to get more deeply into the CSS movement.

The new design is not complete by any means, so please, spare me the eMails lambasting me for not being standards compliant (I’m not even convinced that standards compliance is all it’s touted to be, but that is a rant for another day).  I’ll be using this page as my personal CSS experiment.  It has been tested against IE and FireFox, which represent 95% of my traffic.  I will tackle the task of making the site look nice to the other 5% as time goes on.  For now, this is a project for my own fun and education.  Fun is something that can easily end up missing from your work if you don’t watch out for it.

Marcus Tucker Believes in the 5 Pitfalls

I see that Marcus Tucker has posted some complimentary words about my article, The 5 Pitfalls of Estimating a Software Project. Marcus appears to be a smart guy, and it’s nice to see the gospel of effectiveness being embraced by people who are sharp and know what works and what does not. Thanks, Marcus!

11,457 Readers Can’t Be Wrong

In other news, my readership has been steadily increasing since I launched my blog.  In September I had 11,457 visits to this site.  Unfortunately, my site stats are not able to tell me how many distinct visitors made up that 11,457.  Is it possible that I have 11,457 distinct readers?  I doubt it.  Still, I have to wonder – how many actual readers do I have?  And with that many visits, why weren’t there more posts in the discussion forum before I phased it out?

Speak up, readers!  I’d like to get to know who you are – post a link on your own blog and I’ll find you via my referral logs.