Interview: Successful Freelancing (via The Freelance Podcast)

RJ from The Freelance Podcast was gracious enough to invite me on the show, hoping to share my 12 years of successful freelancing experience with his listeners. We get into a bit of the armchair psychology of being self-employed and maintaining persistence. We also discuss the “maker” mentality, both the good and the bad. Additionally, we discuss the importance of fellowship and how my podcast helps to keep me sane.

It’s a great podcast, a great host, and I’m flattered to have had a chance to be involved and share the ins and outs of successful freelancing. Head on over and check out the interview!

Co-Working in Fresno Is Here…Is Visalia Soon to Follow?

I’ve often pondered the idea of founding a co-working space in Visalia so as to be done with the grind of finding good office spaces for a small, mostly-virtual team.  Rather than being deskbound and isolated in less-than-ideal space, why not be in a more open and communal space?  Why not work amongst fellow geeks and creatives? Keep Reading…