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Beaten To The Punch…Again!

I remember waaay back in 1996 when I thought to myself “Self, it sure would be cool if somebody would market computers with brightly-colored cases. Gee, maybe I’ll do it!” I never took action. Two years later the iMac was born.

Then there was the time when I thought to myself “Self, wouldn’t it be spiffy if these was a way to seamlessly swap files with anyone over the internet without having to use eMail?” Yeah, the idea was so spiffy that Napster did it just a few years later.

Well, it’s happened again. Just a handful of months ago, I thought to myself “Self, why are there so many people who know how to write code, but completely fall down on every other aspect of developing software? Maybe I should write a book about that!” And lo and behold, Mike Gunderloy beats me to the punch with Coder to Developer: Tools and Strategies for Delivering Your Software.

Of course, Mike being a legend in the industry and me being – well, nobody in the industry, odds are that no one would have ever read such a book if I had written it, whereas everyone in the industry is likely to at least skim a book with Mike’s name on it. So that is a good thing – I’m sure tons of coders are going to read this and learn something useful. Heck, I’m going to read it and will probably find it useful!

Now, wouldn’t it be cool if someone could invent a way for everyone to communicate via their computer? You know, we could have these things called "pages" that everyone could read, using a program called a “browser”…

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