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$100K Freelancing

A series of 23 episodes that ran in 2017, $100K Freelancing was a show for freelancers, by freelancers. This interview-format production covered solutions to the challenges that independent freelancers and consultants face day-in and day-out as they build client service businesses.

Each episode featured a co-host – each the owner of a small practice in their own right – who I would lead through an interview-style discussion of a topic.

In 2017, I exited the production, selling $100K Freelancing to a new owner.

The show covered these popular topics:

  • Funding the launch of a solo practice or small agency
  • How to write conversion copy that closes deals
  • Attracting high-value clients
  • Content marketing
  • Systemization and delegation of essential business functions
  • Market Positioning
  • Choosing a vertical niche
  • Productivity and scheduling
  • Creating repeatable processes
  • Professional services marketing for beginners
  • Building a flexible practice
  • Measuring marketing effectiveness
  • Building authority with clients
  • Controlling the client engagement
  • Quoting with confidence
  • Making your practice serve your life goals
  • Networking and growth pains
  • Qualifying and disqualifying prospective clients
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