To Have More, Become More

By Christopher Hawkins •  Updated: 06/29/04 •  1 min read

Jim Rohn, quoted from this week’s Gitomer newsletter:

When asked, “How do you develop an above average income…” a friend of mine has always answered, “Simple. Become an above average person. Work on you.” My friend says, “Develop an above average handshake.” He says, “A lot of people want to be successful, and they don’t even work on their handshake. As easy as that would be to start, they let it slide. They don’t understand.” My friend says, “Develop an above average smile. Develop an above average excitement. Develop an above average dedication. Develop an above average interest in other people.” He says, “To have more, become more.”

Simple, undeniably true, and yet so easy to forget.