The Very Best Thing About Working From Home

By Christopher Hawkins •  Updated: 10/17/05 •  1 min read

I’ve commented on the challenges of working from home before.  Now, let me tell you the best thing about working from home.

My little boy is home sick from school today.  I was here to comfort him when he woke up in distress.  I was here to sit with him and eat lunch.  I’m here to hear his CD player playing John Lennon’s Imagine as he lies in bed, resting.  When we take him to the doctor in an hour, I’ll be right there with him.  When he goes to bed early, I’ll be right here to rub his head and sing him to sleep.  If he’s well enough for school tomorrow, I’ll be dropping him off in person, and I’ll be there with my wife to pick him up after class.

As much of a stickler as I am about not being interrupted when I’m working, being right here, owning my own little company, allows me to have the option to decide when I get interrupted, and for what.