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Congratulations on completing the Conquering Client Conflict course (say that 10 times fast, I dare you).

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You’ve just taken a big step toward super-power-ing your freelance career, and I appreciate getting to be a part of it. This page offers a recap of the course, along with handy links you can use to jump to any part of the course.

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Course Recap

Day 1 – How Freelance Client Conflicts Happen
In this lesson, we talked about poor communication & a) the lack of boundaries as a cause of conflict, What boundaries are, b) what boundaries are typical of a freelance project, and c) touched on setting boundaries is healthy for you as a freelancer

Day 2 – Professional Boundaries and Freelancing
Here, we continued our talk about boundaries by a) going into greater detail on the benefits of setting boundaries, and b) enumerating the various fears and cultural issues that prevent freelancers from setting boundaries.

Day 3 – Freelance Conflict Resolution, Step 1: Presume Goodwill
Day 3 saw us discuss the importance of goodwill in resolving a conflict, including a) ensuring our own hands are clean, b) being nice, but firm, without accepting abuse, c) not making it personal, and d) hearing the client out.

Day 4 – Freelance Conflict Resolution, Step 2: Create Client Accountability
In this lesson, we explored the importance of client accountability with regard to a) educating our clients as to their accountability items, and b) enumerating the consequences of failure to be accountable for these items.

Day 5 – Freelance Conflict Resolution, Step 3: Holding Boundaries
We continued our talk about resolving conflicts by referring back to the boundaries of the first two lessons, discussing way to a) establish boundaries early, b) use proper documentation, c) find ways to say “yes” when we say “no”, and d) be consistent.

Day 6 – Case Study 1: A Non-Responding Client
Day 7 – Case Study 2: Slow-Paying Clients
Day 8 – Case Study 3: The Something for Nothing
Day 9 – Case Study 4: The Document-Dodger
Day 10 – Case Study 5: The Schedule-Jumper
In lessons 6-10, we applied the “Presume Goodwill-Create Client Accountability-Hold Boundaries” formula that we learned in lessons 3-5 to five all-too-common client conflict scenarios. These examples may or may not parallel your own business exactly, but the methodology we discussed in these lessons can be modified to help you with any types of conflict with your own clients.

And Now, Your Reward!

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