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Christopher Hawkins | Freelancing, Consulting, Project Management, Software Development

How Viable Is It To Make 100k A Year As A Freelance Developer On UpWork?

I saw an old-but-always-interesting question on Quora a while back: How viable is it to make 100k a year as a freelancer developer in sites like Upwork? Here’s my take. It’s possible, but I’d hesitate to call it viable. I recommend a two-pronged approach. But first, let’s talk about why…

My New Show, $100K Freelancing, Now Available

A bunch of you have asked me the same question over the past year: “when are you going to do another podcast?” The honest answer most of the time was “I’m not sure”. But today, that changes. Because today, I just launched a new show.

Do You Get Freelancing Leads From Your Network?

Between interviewing other freelancers and consultants for my new online show, and interacting with the freelancers I coach, a pattern has been emerging: By far, the #1 way that freelancers – even some very successful ones – get new client work is via their network, not via stranger-leads that come…